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The port of Amsterdam is very accessible, tideless and has a helicopter platform. What's more, within 15 minutes you'll be at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the third largest airport in Europe.

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Amsterdam Schiphol Airport:

VIP Service at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport The Schiphol VIP service is an exclusive way to travel through Schiphol. They offer you privacy and personal service, regardless of which airline you are flying with. Their VIP service is separate from the regular passenger process at Schiphol. The team will take care of all practicalities of air travel, while you relax in peace and privacy with your guests.

VIP Terminal and Summum Lounge Private and business jet travellers bypass the main airport, flying in and out of the stylish and exclusive VIP terminal. The multifunctional offices, the Summum Lounge and the striking architectural design make the VIP terminal unique. The Summum Lounge is a highly exclusive meeting venue offering the ultimate in hospitality and anonymity. This has been translated in all aspects of the venue: design, service, food and beverages.

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At the moment, Amsterdam has 3 locks at IJmuiden. A new large sealock is being constructed at the entrance of the North Sea Canal at IJmuiden that will provide access to the Amsterdam port region. The new lock will be 500 metres long, 70 metres wide and 18 metres deep, making it the world’s largest sea lock. The new lock will be available for shipping early 2022. Superyacht shipping Part of the facilities in Amsterdam is providing yacht transportation oversees before or after a refit or maintenance works. This way we make it more convenient to choose for Amsterdam as a refit or maintenance location instead of the overcrowded facilities in de Mediterranean or the Caribean.

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